Case Studies

Strategy Development

Evaluated key B2B payments processes as part of strategic initiative to identify potential value-added services for one of the 5 largest US commercial banks. Developed process maps, estimated market sizing, identified business models and representative pricing, profiled key providers and highlighted key pain points as potential service-offering opportunities. Evaluation included pricing management, promotion management, promotion optimization, customer credit evaluation, car insurance, letters of credit and escrow services.

Strategic Management

Worked with a large US financial institution entering the alternative consumer lending space designing a 100% digital experience from origination through servicing.

 Technology and Operations

Multiple projects for large North American card issuers: gathered strategic business aspiration from groups of 20 to 100 senior business executives, conducted gap analysis vis-à-vis current cards platforms versus software packages and third-party processors, comparing “as-is” underlying costs with build, buy or outsource cost avoidance and revenue enhancement.


Advised numerous start-up companies and investors on emerging payments, payments market dynamics and business models, business strategy, product viability (e.g., B2B marketplace lending; card fraud solution; new payment network; loyalty trends; blockchain trends; cash handling).